Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

“Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives.”

No, being an at-home dad hasn’t got me watching soaps every afternoon while the little guys sleep, but this quote is becoming more and more aprapos, maybe? Shit, I don’t even know if it makes sense in the context I’m trying to use it in, but I’ll go with it.

Several months ago, we signed Nolan up for tee ball, his second stint at team sports (soccer was a colossal bust when he was three-years-old). He loved it. The schedule was relatively convenient as well: Wednesday night practices from 5:30-6:30 and an hour-long game on Saturday mornings at 9:00. The season was only six weeks long and he really seemed to look forward to practice and the game each week. Graham even enjoyed the practices from the sidelines, despite not really knowing what the hell he was watching.

A few months later, he decided he wanted to give gymnastics a try, and he’s loved that as well. His coordination, though never bad, has improved as has his flexibility and balance. And he’s really developing some legit strength. He’s almost able to hold a handstand, something that if I tried would likely lead to a broken neck. Gymnastics is once a week (Monday) for an hour, but he uses anything in the house as gym equipment.

IMG_2371He just completed a six-week Mighty Mites basketball “season” on Saturday mornings and seemed to enjoy that. He made quite a few shots on the 10′ basket using Rick Barry’s underhand technique. He was always laughing, smiling, moving, having a good time, so hoops was a success.

We also signed him up for soccer on Friday nights, which he’ll probably enjoy because his friends are also playing. My only concern is that by the end of the week, he’s typically worn out, but I’m confident he’ll muster up the energy to enjoy soccer as well.

And that leads us back to tee ball, again, which will once again be Wednesdays and Saturday mornings for six weeks. Last year he was on the MudHens and this year, we’ll be sporting Lugnuts uniforms! I showed him the logo and he loves it.

But yeah, as if we don’t have enough going on, three days and one morning a week we’ll be at the field or gym for some sort of sports activity. And that’s awesome. We’re not making him do anything or being the overbearing parent who wants their kid to do something they don’t want. We explain that if he doesn’t want to do play a particular sport, be in baseball or whatever, he doesn’t have to. But we let him know that if he commits to something, he needs to honor the commitment. I guess there’s a lesson is responsibility and accountability in there, huh?

Soon enough, Graham will be filling the days on the schedule with things for him, but in the meantime, four days is plenty. As long as the smiles keep on keepin’ on.

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