Revisiting Potty Training

(Revisiting because I wrote about this a few months back, when he accidentally peed in the toilet and then peed in a cardboard box)

Every day we try to get Graham to at least sit on this Elmo potty Nolan so willingly used when he was going through this life event. And every time he either refuses altogether or just sits on it while fixated on an episode of PJ Masks. It’s really a coin flip as to which he’ll choose.

Target practice.

Hell, I even drew a target on there for him to aim at. A neighbor recommended putting a Cheerio in there for target practice, so maybe I’ll try that next. Or maybe we’ll just not put pants on him while playing outside. Something’s gotta give, right?

For now, he usually goes towards the back door and pees down his leg, which is far more convenient than peeing in a potty. Besides being tired of cleaning pee off the rug, buying diapers is a money suck. And he kind of needs to get this down before be begins preschool in the fall.

Enter Baby Bjorn (again). With June being National Potty Training month, they’ve decided to send me their Potty Chair, Toilet Trainer, and Step Stool – the two latter are typically used in Stage 2 of potty training – to try to aid in Graham’s potty training adventures. I showed him all three products and he smiled and picked out the colors he wanted (purple), so here’s to hoping something he can call his own works.

Until the potty cavalry arrives, the middle child will continue to use a hand-me-down Elmo potty. Or not use it, either way.

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