June is Potty Training Awareness Month. Yes, that’s a real thing, and a super huge thanks to Baby Bjorn for what I’ll eventually get to after updating you on the Graham’s rejection of his awesome purple potty chair.

It’s been a while since my last post, which was about potty training, but that’s not all that’s been going on.

SafeStep_NonSlip_LivelyToes_TurqGraham, who decided on a purple step stool and potty chair, has used the chair a number of times and uses the step stool regularly…to brush his teeth. He hasn’t actually peed in the toilet, instead he finds comfort in taking care of his biz in diapers or the carpet.

There’s days I walk out of Austin’s room after putting him down for a morning nap and Graham is sitting on the potty chair, fully clothed, instead of his couch. So at least he’s not averse to using it in some capacity.

IMG_3870Some days I ask him every ten minutes if he has to go to the bathroom, and often times am met with a weird, gravelly Batman-like voice telling me “NO!” There are a days we’ll gone outside to water the plants and rove around for a while, leaving him completely undressed below the waist, asking him if he wants to/has to pee.


When he’s in his comfort zone, with his diaper on, he’ll give us the side eye and tell us, “NO SEE ME!” while shushing us away. That’s code for ‘I’m peeing/pooping, mind your own business!’ Good times.

PottyChair_EmptyOnce the summer starts we’ll begin in earnest once again, because what better time to start potty training than a season we’re going on three week-long vacations. But that purple potty is gonna take the trip with us!

And it could also go with you (your very own, not Graham’s). I thanked Baby Bjorn above and you’ll be thanking them, too, if you win this giveaway. I’ve once again been fortunate to partner with Baby Bjorn to give one lucky reader a chance to win the following:


Potty Chair, Step Stool, AND Toilet Trainer (a $75 retail value)


Giveaway ends Sunday, June 18th at 11:59pm EST


LIKE and COMMENT on the giveaway post over at Home-Field Dad Facebook Page (pinned to the top so it’s easy to find) and/or my Instagram post telling me your best/funniest/gnarliest potty training story. You MUST tag @babybjorn_US (on Instagram) or @BabyBjornUS (on Facebook) AND include #PottyTraining101.

Winner will be picked at random.

(This is an Instagram and Facebook giveaway ONLY. Twitter posts and comments on this blog post are not entries.)

Good luck and Godspeed on your entries and potty training adventures!

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