Summer Vacationing

This is the first summer where all three boys can partake in the enjoyment of a family vacation, and it’s been AWESOME!

We planned three week-long trips over the course of three months – one trip a month – and after summer vacationing is complete, Nolan begins first grade while Graham will embark on his maiden voyage into preschool as Austin remains home with me.

Three things presented themselves upon our arrival in Sea Isle City:

  1. Austin is only one, but this dude loves him some beach time.
  2. Graham, he’s content chasing birds on the sand while sporting one of a myriad of sunglasses he’s accumulated over three years.
  3. Nolan, he hates seaweed but loves the water, which is a huge step seeing how he he
    Sea Isle City, NJ

    used to hate getting his hair wet, even in the shower.

Our first trip was down the Jersey Shore to Sea Isle City. The house was steps from the beach, and after the nearly six hours in the car – the last 45 while the older two treated us to dueling recorders – the kids had a blast running wild on the beach for an hour or so.

There wasn’t many people there as it wasn’t yet prime beach season – we went the week before the 4th of July. There was no wait for breakfast when we went, no lines for dinner, only ice cream at night. I saw a college teammate for the first time in 14+ years, experienced a progressive dinner and how awesome they are, drank a bevy of beers, and held Nolan’s hand when he had to pee in the cold ocean water.

A few weeks later, we packed the car and headed to Narragansett, Rhode Island, a much more manageable two hours from home. We shared a house with my brother and his family. Three bedrooms, four adults, five children, and a baby monitor that we used to listen in on the three oldest boys’ late-night conversations. Hilarity ensued most every night.

Narragansett, RI

We were far enough from the beach that we needed to wheel the kids in wagons/strollers but still only a ten minute walk. The boys once again enjoyed the sun, sand, and surf. And seagulls. But not the seaweed.

We went out to eat once (much to the aggravation of the family of five adults sitting next to us, rolling their eyes and making shithead comments as we walked past them to our table), got ice cream a few nights, successfully sang loud enough to drown out the sound of the ice cream man as he cruised slowly down the streets so the kids wouldn’t beg for it, went to the awesome Roger Williams Zoo in Providence on a cloudy, non-beach day, drank too many beers, and had another wonderful trip.

The next one we’ve got planned is Martha’s Vineyard, our swan song of summer vacationing. Linds’ mom just had a house built and we’re looking forward to our next adventure. I’ll do my annual leap off the Jaws Bridge in the early morning before the hoards of people flock to it, we’ll walk the beach searching for sea glass, overindulge in ice cream, drink some local beers, enjoy a sunset dinner at Menemsha where we get our yearly picture of the kids on the little jetty, and put an exclamation point  on our awesome summer of travel.

Where have you gone on vacation this summer? Beach? Mountains? Camping?

One thought on “Summer Vacationing

  1. thats an aggressive vacation schedule. We did Disney in the spring and the wife and I have a solo trip upcoming. This summer has been spent by the pool. Last year we did Storyland and Santas Village. Recommend it for your future plans

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