A child’s (and parents) range of emotions

Maybe it’s because he’s tired after another action-packed day outdoors or maybe he truly misses us.

Linds is headed home after meeting her mom at the Wrentham Outlets to drop Nolan off.  He’s headed out to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days by himself before we arrive next Wednesday, and he went from “wicked excited,” per Linds’ text, to a crying, snot-bubbling 6-year-old in about 40 minutes.

Talk about a range of emotions.

IMG_6283He left her with this, his wry, goofy smile at 7:47 pm. He was no doubt excited to go over his favorite bridge on Earth – the Bourne Bridge – en route to Woods Hole to board the ferry over to the island.

I was so happy for him to get some time to himself, time to relax and not worry about anyone but himself. Everyone needs some time like this.

Not to mention (probably) ice cream every night. And all the rides on the Flying Horses Carousel his heart desires. Peace of mind in knowing that all the sand castles he builds won’t get demolished by Graham or Austin.

I mean what could go wrong?

Aaaaaand then at 8:20 pm, I got a text message from my MIL saying she was gonna FaceTime. I was putting Graham to bed and answered the video call to the aforementioned blubbering 6-year-old…and my heart sunk.


IMG_6278I made him laugh a few times but he was emotional, as he generally is. He wears it on his sleeve – frustrated, happy, sad, excited, mad – you know how he’s feeling just by looking at him.

“I miss *sniffle, sniffle, nose wipe* you.” I assured him that we missed him too. I told him Graham didn’t play with his LEGO car wash that him and I haphazardly created this afternoon, and that brought another smile to his face, which quickly dissolved into tears.

I told him Graham sat in his chair while he watched shows as I put Austin to sleep and he giggled. He was happy mentioning that they were almost to the Bourne Bridge.

We lost connection a few times but when we signed off – with him hitting the red button since every kid love pushing buttons – he seemed in better spirits. They were still 30 minutes from Woods Hole and then another 45 minutes on the ferry from the Vineyard. He’ll probably pass out at some point in their travels, go to bed, and wake up tomorrow morning excited again and raring to go.

We’ll get a call or FaceTime and see the joy and happiness on his face and all will be right.

Tonight, he might be exhausted but I know he really misses us – Graham and Austin included – and us him. Wednesday can’t come soon enough!


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