Beer Review: Black Hog Brewing Co. Granola Brown Ale

Brewery: Black Hog Brewing Co., Oxford, CT

Beer: Granola Brown Ale

Style: American Brown Ale

ABV: 5.7%

Availability: year-round (!!!)

Brewer’s Notes: “Brown ale brewed w. a granola mix of oatmeal, grains, hops & roasted malts”

Beer Dope Review: Here I was thinking I enjoyed lighter beers and into my life strolls a man with a walking stick adorning this weird green can of gloriousness. It pours dark brown into my incorrect stemware. I didn’t smell it, I drank it. It’s kind of sweet but nothing over the top. It’s a hearty beer (is this a thing?).

I haven’t paired it with the cheeses they’ve recommended on their website (Wildspitz, Tarentaise) because I’ve never even heard of these damn cheeses. I usually pair it with BBQ, a baseball game on television, or my couch.

Whenever I visit my parents’ lake house in Oxford, I try to sneak in a trip to the brewery, which is always packed but with a fast-moving line.

One thing’s for sure – BHB’s Granola Brown Ale is delicious winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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