New Menu Item: Beer

In an effort to add something new, quick, and easy to the site, I've decided to add something that every dad sometimes needs: beer.

I've been working a few nights a week at a package store (package store = liquor store, place to buy wine/beer/booze) and have thus been introduced to the huge world of beer, more specifically, craft beer.

Despite being surrounded by a walk-in cooler packed with awesome craft beer, interacting with beer geeks, beer snobs, and self-proclaimed know-it-all types, I still consider myself a beer dope. I know about different types, styles, where breweries are located. I just figured out about a month ago what the hell IBU stands for – International Bittering Units. I have since put two and two together and figured out why I don't really enjoy beers with high IBUs – they're bitter!

I'm always willing to taste new beers and styles, but you won't catch me waiting in line at some over-hyped brewery for hours in the dead of winter for a limited run of their latest (and 32nd) IPA. Nope. Now will you catch me on the beer trail trying to keep up with new breweries popping up as frequently as the weeds in my backyard. Uh-uh.

I don't have a beer cellar (or even a wine fridge) to age my beers. I don't own the right stemware for assorted beer varieties. I own a few pint glasses from a few breweries and somehow own a pilsner glass (?) and some sort of stemmed glass I use if the others are dirty. Oh, and guess what? Beer comes in bottles and cans (!) you use to drink from! I know, mind-blower, right?

What do I like?

Summer ales, wheat beers, sours, stouts, coffee porters, fruit beers, even New England-style IPAs I can get down with.

What do I like less?

Super-hoppy, West Coast IPAs, imperial stouts, double IPAs, anything with too high an ABV – those are the beers I generally stay away from.

Besides posting my idiotic reviews here, I'm also going to be doing some stuff over at the Daddy Porter website. He – Greg – is the exact opposite of me as far as beer knowledge and IQ goes and is an awesome dude/dad I met out in San Diego at Dad 2.0 this past February.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and simplicity of my reviews compared to those you'd read on BeerAdvocate or other beer sites.

Cheers, right?

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