First Day of School…times two

It’s really hard to believe that we have two school-aged kids.

For Nolan, it was yesterday. He decided the entire family was taking him to school in lieu of riding the bus, which I kind of expected.

He didn’t show a hint of nervousness despite his breakdown a few nights ago, though he later admitted to me when he got home he was a “little scared.” He was excited to walk through the doors and halls of his school. We walked him to his new wing, the 1st Grade wing, and right to his classroom, where his teacher was greeting students – both crying and not – with a reassuring smile.FA230DDD-D84C-4B2F-968D-D27C42CBE41C

He unpacked the belongings of his backpack into his cubby and said goodbye, with a smile and even posed for a picture.

He got off the bus with a huge smile and gave me (and Graham) a big hug.

I knew those tears were gonna dry up!

Next up was Graham. He only had an hour-long show-and-go to check out his classroom, meet his new teacher, and say hello to some friends.

After we got back home, something clicked and he decided he wanted to tell us every time he had to pee, and did so on his potty – FIVE TIMES!! Are you kidding me? He’s getting it.86222AA3-75F7-445B-83FD-BB2A6134ECF9

Today was his real first day of school. There were no tears from him as we walked to his classroom. He found his name on Velcro and placed it under “happy” as that’s what he was feeling for the first day of school (with some coaxing from the teacher as he stood there with a smile ear-to-ear).

We put a few pull-up diapers and wipes in his backpack just in case. He peed again once we got to school, on the “little potty” he so excitedly talked about when he got home.

I went to pick him up, he gave me a huge smile, the artwork they made in class, and I was informed by his teacher that he “had a great day, he just pooped so we had to change him. It was a little loose,” so matter-of-factly. Preschool teachers and paras have to be some of the most patient people on the planet.

Since pick-up, I’ve talked with him about it being ok pee and poop on the potty. Maybe that was our mistake.

Either way, we were a perfect two-for-two on the first day of school.IMG_7271

And I got to spend some one-on-one time with the third Darcy boy, Austin. We went to the grocery store to get some milk and a few other things, pretend napped in Graham’s bed, tore apart some puzzles and threw the pieces all over the house, played outside on the swing set, and then went right back to get Graham.

They played outside with some of Graham’s friends on the bleachers before it was time to head home for lunch before it was time for them both to hit the hay for afternoon naps, which neither of them fought.

Tomorrow after drop-off we’ll head to Nissan to get something fixed as we look to remain perfect. Well, minus the pooping at school from Graham.


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