Headed to HASCON!

Battleship. Candy Land. G.I. Joe. Jenga. Marvel. Mister Potato Head. Nerf. Play-Doh. Sesame Street. Trolls.

Besides every one of these things being part of my childhood and/or my kids’ childhood, what’s the common denominator?


And Nolan, Graham, and I were lucky enough to receive free credentials to attend #HASCON this weekend in Providence, RI, which is a one-of-a-kind convention celebrating the power of play.

There was a panel today with Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, X-Men, and many more. I wasn’t able to head there today for it, but I’m not a superhero fan, so I wasn’t geeking out over this. Nor do I think they’ll be interested in Dungeons & Dragons, My Little Pony, or Magic: The Gathering.

I’m not so sure they’d want to sit and listen to anyone talk about anything with all the stuff that’ll be there. They wanna do stuff!

Jenga, a timeless classic

Which leads me to the BRAND EXPERIENCES!! Nerf, Play-Doh, Trolls (!!!), Sesame Street, G.I. Joe – these are just a few of the ones we’re definitely gonna check out.

Nolan’s been talking about Nerf a lot lately despite us not owning any Nerf products and Graham is going to lose his mind when he sees Trolls in the building! It’s not like we’ve listened to the soundtrack a gazillion times.

We’ll listen to something else tomorrow night – Flo Rida is putting on a concert at 5pm, where it’s “GDFR” when Nolan gets “Low” shaking his hips and shrugging his shoulders.

And if either of the boys wanna brave the cameras, they’ll be auditions to be in a real Hasbro video. Chances are Graham won’t have a voice role as his speech is sometimes a bit incoherent to outsiders.

So yeah, we’re pretty excited about attending and looking forward to a full day of fun thank to Hasbro, who’s committed to creating the world’s best play experience.

For updates, photos, and our reactions to the experiences at #HASCON, check out my Instagram feed – @rdarcy1981 – throughout the day tomorrow.

(Disclaimer: I received my credentials for HASCON free, thanks to Hasbro. All opinions and thoughts about the event are strictly my own…or Nolan’s…or Graham’s.)

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