7 Things Your Kids Will Bring Home From School

If you’re reading this, you probably have kids, have had kids, or just have nothing better to do. As is the case for two of the three, back to school time brings about a plethora of emotions: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear, among countless others.

Sometimes they bring their emotions home with them, or is the case with Nolan, wear them on their sleeve. Kids also bring home both tangible and intangible stuff from school, and that’s where I’m headed with this.

Here’s a mix of some good and bad things every kid might bring home from school.

  • Germs. Your school-aged kids are to blame the majority of the time. They bring them home and unlike some of their toys, are kind enough to share them with the rest of the family, especially their little 1yo brother, who’s currently battling the first cold of the school year. I know it’s inevitable that school = germs. It’s one of the joys of parenthood. Alex W. mentioned a norovirus as one of the worst things brought home and rightfully so. According to the Mayo Clinic, these viruses can withstand hot and cold temperatures as well as most disinfectants, so they’re hard to knock out.
  • Lice. Hands down the absolute worst thing your kid will bring home in their entire school-aged life. These little bugs are the spawn of the devil and I don’t wish them upon my worst enemy. Alex W. also said that nits (lice eggs) are the worst thing. I can attest to this!
  • Leftover snacks and/or half-eaten sandwiches. Not because they don’t like it, it’s just they take their time eating due to all the talking/goofing around they’re doing with their friends. The social interaction is great, don’t get me wrong. And don’t sweat it, if they’re hungry, they’ll eat. Then they’ll ask for a snack as soon as they get home, which you’ll get them, as you eat what’s left of the sandwich you made them. Brian Q. said his son once brought home a bag of pepper strips…from five days prior…that had liquefied inside the bag!
  • Artwork. I’m a sucker for our kids’ artwork and with two now in school, there’s always artwork. Graham had the first piece this year, a kissing hand, which I’m certain is based on the book by Audrey Penn. (A book has served us well. Nolan was a bit nervous before beginning school the past two years, so we read him the book and reminded him that we’re with him and all he needs to do is kiss his hand and think about us.) Nolan’s artwork is pretty regular since he always seems to have time to draw rainbows, or chocolate machines, or ninja warrior-related stuff. He’s also done some pretty cool frames and Mother’s/Father’s Day things as well. We display some of the artwork in the house and I’m planning (going on a year now) on creating a wall for the coolest stuff.  Scott at Father Nerds Best said a picture frame for Father’s Day his son colored/decorated was the best thing he’s gotten. Michael K. mentioned that the Principal’s Honor Roll certificate was one of the best his kid has brought home.
  • Fundraisers. For the love of God, can we please wait at least a month before sending home the first fundraiser?! I get that a percentage of the sales go directly to the school. The Lego Dad agreed that any kind of fundraising is the worst, probably because they’re so damn many of them, and who wants to shill
  • Their friends’ things. One of Nolan’s classmates’ Pokemon cards were in his backpack for pretty much half the year and I can count on one hand the number of times he looked at them or even thought about them. But he had to have them and sporadically told us how much he “loved” Pokemon even though he had no f’n idea what the hell you do with them. Also, artwork and classwork mistakenly come home on a weekly basis.
  • Animals. Leilan, aka Big Kahuna, said the class rabbit was the worst thing since they were a pet-free home at the time and weren’t pet people. They’ve since gotten a dog. Michael K. also mentioned that his kid was sent home with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches…for the entire summer! F no on that one, for sure.

What’s the best and worst thing your kids have brought home from school?

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