Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Nolan was hopeful the value of losing his first tooth was equal to a real bounce house.

IMG-8540The disappointment – not seen in this smile – he must’ve felt when he woke up – at 4:45am (!!) – only to realize all the Tooth Fairy left him was $1.41, two toothbrushes, and a tube of toothpaste. But hey, dream big.

Here’s the back story.

He’s been on a bounce house kick for a while now, years even, but it’s ramped up in the past 7-10 days. He’s watched YouTube videos of a guy in Florida – Craig Grant – who has a treasure trove of bounce houses in his garage. I tried explaining to him that he isn’t, in fact, the luckiest man in the world and instead owns a bounce house business.

All the spare blankets/comforters/sleeping bags/bed sheets we own are used to make forts/bounce houses. And all are rolled up identically to the actual bounce houses in this man’s garage.

There’s also Hot Wheels parts and wooden tool bench pieces that are the blowers for his bounce houses.img-8543.jpgIf he lost this tooth a few weeks ago, he’d surely have hoped the Tooth Fairy would’ve brought him the LEGO Friends Roller Coaster Amusement Park ($80 and an already purchased Christmas present).

His purse would’ve been the same: $1.41, two toothbrushes, and tube of toothpaste.

And even though when we told him the Tooth Fairy was probably not gonna bring a bounce house, he took it in stride.IMG-8536

He wrote a letter and got a response – and yes, the Tooth Fairy left his tooth at the house. And when he woke up, with no bounce house in sight, he was still talking about his lost tooth. And the other one that’s on the brink of falling out.

So it seems the $1.41, two toothbrushes, and tube of toothpaste was a nice haul.

I’m curious to see how big he dreams when he loses the next one.

What’s the going rate for a lost tooth in your house?

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