My 6-year-old’s (Practical) Christmas List

Nolan wrote a letter to Santa the other day consisting of what he’s hoping to get for Christmas. And honestly, it’s a damn good list, full of practical and useful things instead of outrageous requests – like a bounce house.

There’s only seven things on it, so here it is:

one. The game sorry. A solid choice and one that fits into something he enjoys doing – playing board games. Sorry! is listed as the 2013 Edition, which is fine since I’m not sure how you can improve on or expand the game. He got Guess Who? last year and still loves playing it, so there you have it, another Hasbro game FTW!

two. Emoji movie. I took Nolan and Graham to the theater to see this right around when it came out and they both enjoyed it. I guess “The Emoji Movie” won out over “Despicable Me 3,” since those are the two movies he’s seen in theaters this year. It gets horrible reviews, but he enjoyed it, so who gives a shit what the reviews say?! If he’ll sit down, relax, and laugh for 90 minutes when he’s too stubborn to admit he actually needs a nap, it’s movie time.

three. chapter dooks. Clearly he means chapter books, even though the least favorite part of his school days are book time. He used to love books and still does, to a certain extent. He’s into graphic novels, or books with a comic book-like template that tell a story. Think of Dav Pilkey’s The Adventures of Captain Underpants (which he’s currently reading). I’ll never suppress his desire to read

four. Friends legos. He’s obsessed with amusement parks and roller coasters, endlessly trying to build amusement park rides with the basic LEGO blocks we have, which are very limiting. He saw the LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster set one day in Target and though it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen. We bought him a LEGO Friends Amusement Park Space Ride a few months ago for successfully doing his chores for several weeks. LEGO are expensive, but they promote creativity, which is priceless.

five. pencil sharpener. An electric pencil sharpener. He’s not thrilled with the manual sharpeners we have, and if convinces him to use colored pencils instead of markers for everything he colors, it’s a win-win. Trying to scrub marker ink that’s soaked into his fingertips – even it they’re ‘washable’ markers – is no small task.

six. Highlighters. Now we’re hitting a phase he went through a while ago – office supplies. He’s got enough Post-it notes to last him another fifteen years and highlighters to last at least five, but he needs more. Wants more. To his credit, he does use them quite a bit when he’s writing his books.

7. a desk. Alas, a workspace for the kid who’s brain never turns off. It’ll likely be a hand-me-down desk that I used when I was younger, but he’s likely to get way more use out of it. I mean when I say his brain never turns off, I’m not exaggerating. He’s got dozens of books he’s written, half-built LEGO creations strewn across the house, drawings in every drawer in the house, half-filled journals and notebooks two feet high. He needs a space to create, a space to store his things.

That’s it. A pretty reasonable list…and chances are he’ll get everything on it, which may or may not set a terrible precedent for future Christmases.

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