Christmas Traditions, according to Nolan

I’ll revisit this with Nolan to see what the traditions are this year…but one thing I can tell you, we’ve already done four of the six things on this tradition list.

Home-Field Dad

With another successful hosting of Thanksgiving in the books, it’s time to set our sights on the next holiday – Christmas – and all things leading up to it. The other day, Nolan was sent home from school with a worksheet asking for family holiday traditions. It’s completely optional but because of his love for schooland exuberance, he decided todo it! I present to you our family traditions.img_1389

  • CHoP DoWN our tree!We went to Cedar Ledge Tree Farm cut downthe 2016 Darcy Family tree, a fluffy White Pine. We’ve been a Concolor Fir family for the past several years. We stay away from the spruces because the needles are too damn pointy and with boyswho touch everything, it’s a bad idea. Linds hung the lights and ornaments since I deferred to her last year after getting too frustrated miserably stringing the lights in previous years. She’s a lot…

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