The day the boys turned into animals

My frantic morning with Austin included trips to Target, Aldi, Stop & Shop, and Big Lots – all within a 90-minute window. I think Christmas shopping for the boys might finally be done. Probably not, but the rest will be little things. Literally.

Target and Big Lots are half-mile apart, yet they bookended my trip.

Graham wanted one thing for Christmas: a giant stuffed animal. Austin, since he’s only one-and-a-half, also “wanted” a giant stuffed animal. And after Nolan broke down in tears one night because he was sad his stuffed puppy, who’s probably 3′ tall, didn’t have a friend.

Now, we don’t cave to our kids’ every want and whim, because life ain’t always fair.

But, with two giant animals – a dinosaur and teddy bear – already procured, we couldn’t leave out Nolan. His sensitivity coupled with the fact that he’d be the odd-man out (and a growing abundance of attitude lately), would’ve crushed him and ruined his – and in turn our – Christmas.

Graham’s was from Costco, Austin’s from Aldi (yes, the food store), and Nolan’s from Big Lots. The Target and Big Lots I mention here, they’re half-mile apart, and thanks to Aldi for being sold out of their giant stuffed animals, I headed over to Big Lots to get Nolan’s animal.

And at $30 apiece, they were actually a pretty great deal.

Here are the animals.

Austin’s dinosaur, Graham’s teddy bear, Nolan’s dog

Three boys (not pictured) and three 52″ stuffed animals. These things are awesome and will be well worth the space they’ll be taking up, but at least we don’t have to feed them or listen to them complain about what’s for dinner.

The boys are gonna freak out when they wake up on Christmas morning…or be weirded out/startled when they see these things sitting in their chairs.

The things you do to put smiles on your kids’ faces.

What are the big-ticket – or physically big – items on your kids’ holiday wish lists?

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