Nina’s Nana Needs to Go…to JAIL

Deciding which show to watch on which network is often a very tough decision for kids. Their choices are limited since we cut the cord, but still, a very tough decision.

Their “favorite” show changes daily with the exception of a few go-to episodes. And recently, Nina Needs to Go! was the show du jour, with one particular episode kinda irking me.

And let’s not pretend like the grandmother in the show is completely out of line. EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. It borders on criminal. Which brings me to the aforementioned episode that prompted this post: Nina Needs to Go!: Traffic. I mean take a look and see for yourself and keep in mind this is but one example of her negligence.

The episode gets off to an innocuous start with the family in traffic when Frank, Nina’s brother, decides a game of “I Spy” is a good idea.

All it takes is 50 seconds for Nana to (illegally) overstep her boundaries when Nina decides she can’t wait to go. (Thankfully, our children have grandparents that don’t overstep and/or do illegal things with them…to our knowledge.)

Nana implores Nat, Nina’s dad, to pull the car over as she and Nina get out. IN THE BREAKDOWN LANE! Are you kidding me with this? In most states, there are signs prohibiting people from even walking on the highways.

But don’t tell this to Nana.

Then, as if she’s honing her inner Dorothy Dietrich, she magically turns her umbrella into a motorized scooter.

She begins weaving dangerously through traffic like a complete asshole – forgetting that she’s got a 4-year-old on the back – before taking to the shoulder where she encounters an oil spill (?)

Then she climbs a rope up an overpass where she then decides to STEAL A HORSE! before racing it down the congested road INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!

They leap from the horse onto a wrecking ball and crash through a billboard before safely landing at a gas station with an out-of-order ladies room.

All ends well when Auntie Gladys and her pink camper show up and Nina gets to go. But that’s all secondary to the fact that Nina’s Nana is reckless as all get-out and shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of that kid!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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