Top 11: TV Shows My Kids Enjoy

Everyone loves a good (and bad) list, including me, so without any further ado, here’s the Top 10 11 list of television shows our kids enjoy, in no particular order.

(A quick note before I begin: nickelodeons were the first type of indoor spaces dedicated to showing projected movies, for a nickel. I’m assuming this is where Nickelodeon got their name.)

  1. Bubble Guppies, Nick Jr.: Nolan’s is a bit curious as to how they can do certain things while living under water, it still makes the list.
  2. Ellen’s Game of Games, NBC: Blindfolded Musical Chairs is the funniest thing Nolan’s ever seen on television. Ever. He’s not wrong. And that’s enough for me.
  3. Blue’s Clues, Nick Jr.: Nolan breaks out his pad and draws the clues, like they do in the show. Graham even gets into it, shouting at the screen whenever a clue shows up.
  4. Puppy Dog Pals, Disney Jr.: This one cracks the list because there are some top-notch songs they enjoy jamming to. It was a bit confusing at first as it was unclear Bob heard their talking as barking.
  5. Nina Needs to Go, Disney Jr.: We all know how I feel about Nana’s negligence, but they enjoy it anyway. Sometimes.
  6. Oddbods, Disney Jr.: Despite being minute-long clips, the kids get a kick out of the characters turning ordinary events into hilarity. Graham was literally giggling uncontrollably watching it before his nap today.
  7. Odd Squad, PBS Kids: The name is apropos as the characters and plots are odd, but they solve problems with math, so it’s educational and entertaining.
  8. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, PBS Kids: Graham is always calling out when a character is sad with his sad voice or when someone is happy in a high-pitched happy voice. It’s cool to see him understand the range of emotions.
  9. PAW Patrol, Nick Jr.: Dogs solving problems, pretty ironic given the state of America. Maybe dogs are the answer. But I’m not quite sure why PAW is in all caps.
  10. Nursery Rhymes, Disney Jr.: Just the characters of some of their favorite shows acting out some classic nursery rhymes that have been replaced with Rockabye Baby!, lullaby renditions of popular singers like Johnny Cash and even Nirvana.
  11. Tsum Tsum, Disney Jr.: More clips of Disney characters. Since the word “tsumu” translates to “to stack” in Japanese, these stackable characters solve problems (?) and sometimes cause a nuisance. Kinda like kids.

What are your kids’ favorite shows to watch?

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