Three Constants: Pizza, Pasta, and SmartyPants

(Disclaimer: I was compensated by SmartyPants for this post. They gave me no restrictions pertaining to complaining about how picky my kids are when it comes to eating. All thoughts are my own. And my kids remain the pickiest eaters in the state of Connecticut.)

Your kids eat like, well, kids, and your diet ain’t that great either.

You’re probably wondering why I’m berating you right of the bat. Simply put, the vast majority of us aren’t getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

You ever try getting your kids to eat a cup and a half of veggies a day? I know with my kids, there’s 40% chance they (and by they I mean only Nolan) will eat my homemade baked sweet potato wedges. Depending on their moods, anywhere from zero to three of them will eat cherry tomatoes or bell peppers, dipped in ranch dressing of course, but my boys – 6, 3, and 1 – are definitely not eating anywhere near a cup and a half of them. And forget about broccoli, spinach, zucchini, or even carrots.

Despite the boys’ daily love-(mostly)hate relationship with food, I know SmartyPants Vitamins helps bridge the nutritional gaps their picky eating creates. I’m no nutritionist, but I don’t need to be.


We plan our weekly menu around what Lindsay and I wanna eat, but pasta (sometimes twice) and pizza are staples because we know the kids will eat it; the rest of the time we’ll prepare a separate meal for them. Call me what you will, but fighting with kids about eating dinner is exhausting and just not worth the stress. I mean one week they’ll eat grilled cheese and veggies and the next they’re claiming it’s the most offensive thing I’ve ever put on their plates.

In lieu of this inevitable fight, I get them fruits and veggies throughout the day by way of school snacks and SmartyPants, the latter being an early morning request. They’ve only been at this vitamin thing for a few months, and at the risk of completely ruining it for them, I told them that they’re actually vitamins that’ll help them grow big and strong and not just gummies…but they still love them!

As an at-home dad, my lunch often consists of their leftovers, mostly PB&J. And if you think Lindsay and I are cognizant of ourselves getting the proper nutrients throughout the day, we’re not. We try, but our primary concern is getting the boys fed, which is why it’s cool they also make Women’s Complete and Men’s Complete vitamins. Having a sweet tooth for gummy candy makes it even easier for me to remember to take mine.

Since we plan on being around for these three dudes for a while, we need to do a better job of bridging our nutritional gaps as well.

Check out their vibrant kaleidoscope of colors @SmartyPants‘ on Instagram and/or their informative, eye-catching Twitter feed, @SmartyHealth.

And if you follow me on Instagram (@rdarcy1981), I just might be doing a little giveaway in the coming days.

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