7th Birthday Surprise at Six Flags New England

If you followed along on my Instagram stories yesterday, then you realized that we were at Six Flags New England. I’m not sorry for the amount of stories I posted.

It started with a trip to Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Southwick, MA, a must stop for “breakfast” if you’re within a 30-mile radius. IMG_1727

We surprised Nolan (along with Graham and Austin) with a trip to Six Flags the day after his actual birthday thanks to rainy and overall shitty weather on his birthday.

Nolan recently hit the 48″-tall mark, opening up a whole new set of rides he could enjoy. He chose to only three (Thunderbolt, Gotham City Crime Wave, and Kryptonite Kollider) but thinks he can muster up the courage to try out a few more next time, namely Flashback and Wicked Cyclone.

one of the rare times someone besides Linds was toting Austin around

Graham had a great time riding the Wile E. Coyote Speed Trap ~45 times and The Great Chase probably a dozen times. And despite riding them a handful of times in a row on numerous occasions, his reactions were still those of sheer joy and excitement.

Austin got in on a few rides as well, like the Taz Prop Delivery Company and Wacky Wagons.

not a fan of The Scrambler, but they love it

Often times, you see how “awesome” peoples’ lives are on social media; rarely do they chronicle the sometimes not-so-glamorous real-life side of things. Yesterday, the sheer joy and excitement on the boys’ faces was the real-life side of things. We were there for almost eight hours and I can’t recall one episode, besides Graham breaking down in tears trying to decide on a Dippin’ Dots flavor. I mean tough decisions.

It was cold, there were a few light rain showers, and the sun crept out occasionally. We were all exhausted by the end of the day and this morning everyone still seemed a bit hungover from our trip. According to my phone, we walked 6.8 miles.

probably their 4th straight ride on The Great Chase

Linds and I put the kids to bed and crashed on the couch, flipped on some playoff hockey, and complained quickly about how sore we were, her from having to carry Austin roughly 5.5 miles since he wasn’t having it with anyone else.


Oh, and I saw no less than 25 neck tattoos, which is par for the course at Six Flags New England.

But the three boys’ smiles, infectious giggles, and enthusiastic shrieks throughout the day far outweighed and outnumbered the elements and neck tattoos.IMG-1743

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