Nolan’s Flags of the Day: The Bahamas, Madagascar (4/19/18)

The Bahamas (top); Madagascar (bottom)

The Bahamas

  • Location: located within the Lucayan Archipelago in the Caribbean, north of Cuba and Haiti
  • Population: 391,000+
  • Area: 5,300+ sq. mi.
  • Famous Person: Sir Sidney Poitier, actor, author, director, diplomat; 1st black actor to win Academy Award for Best Actor (Lillies in the Field, 1964)
  • Fun Fact 1: 98.2% of the population of The Bahamas is literate
  • Fun Fact 2: The Bahamas are an archipelagic state consisting of over 700 islands


  • Location: in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa
  • Population: 24.8+ million
  • Area: 226,000+ sq. mi.
  • Famous Person: Claude Simon, novelist and critic, and the 1985 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  • Fun Fact 1: Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world
  • Fun Fact 2: Lemurs are naturally only found on Madagascar

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