It ain’t summer vacation without…

…an outdoor shower, of course!

We’ve finished up two vacations with a third less than a month away. In late June, we headed down the shore to Sea Isle City, NJ for an awesome seven-day stay a block from the beach. Earlier this month, we made a short-ish drive for a weeklong  to Narragansett, RI. And our August vacation takes us to Martha’s Vineyard.

If you surmised that the common thread of our three vacations is the beach, you’d be correct. But the icing on the cake is that all three places we stay have OUTDOOR SHOWERS!!

3:29pm shower beer. RI.

Is it weird to get excited about such a random amenity? Maybe. Or maybe not at all. If I could only shower in outdoor showers for the rest of my life, would I? Without a doubt, whole-heartedly, yes.

Here’s a few reasons to love outdoor showers, especially while vacationing near the beach.

  1. It’s a refreshing start to your day. Yes, sometimes I shower before going to the beach, which is pretty pointless, but I’ll use that outdoor shower as many times as I can.
  2. Easy clean-up after the beach. One, because foot spigots are pretty much pointless at the end of the path to the beach. Two, it also keeps the floors and house relatively sand-free.
  3. It’s not such a struggle to wash our kids’ hair outside (I know, this makes no sense). You’ve got kids, you know they’re quirky and weird at times. Our kids will let the outdoor shower rain water over them for hours if we let them and are much more willing to clean themselves.
  4. Guilt-free shower beer any time of day. Because who doesn’t love a beer in the shower? And because you’re on vacation AND outside, there’s no ridiculous “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” rule we need to adhere to.
  5. Watching the sunset in the shower ain’t so bad, either. It’s a perfectly relaxing way to end your day, whether you went to the beach or not. Besides, #4 pretty much goes hand in hand with this, no?

So whether you book your summer vacation stays on VRBO, HomeAway, or Airbnb, do yourself a favor and check if they’ve got an outdoor shower.

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