Mmm…Donuts! (Happy National Donut Day)

(All thoughts about donuts are my own, however, I’ve been compensated for this post by the beautiful folks at National Today, who keep track of all the fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar for us so we can always find a reason to celebrate.)

At our house, with three young boys growing up way too fast and an awesome local donut shop close by (I’m looking at you, King Donuts!), there’s no treat more thoroughly enjoyed than the donut, which is why I want to wish you all a HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY!! (h/t to National Today, who’s awesomeness I’ll discuss again later)

Birthday coming up? Donuts. Good week at school? Donuts. Catching me in a weak moment? Donuts. For the boys it’s usually always either a chocolate/vanilla/strawberry frosted with rainbow sprinkles. For me it’s usually a simple chocolate glazed or apple fritter (is this even a donut?).

And let’s face it, donuts really are a feel-good food. Sure, if you eat three or four you definitely won’t feel good but indulging every now and again is certainly okay…and recommended. I mean have you ever seen someone eating a donut with a frown on their face? No, you haven’t. Y’know why? Because it’s impossible.

But let me deviate from the discussion of delectable donuts for just a second to fill you in on some other upcoming days you might wanna celebrate before June ends:

June also happens to be Pride MonthNational Men’s Health Month (with June 10-16 being National Men’s Health Week), and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month (maybe to counteract the fact that it’s also National Candy Month!)

So, if you’re ever struggling to find something to celebrate, look no further than National Today, the go-to site to find out what you’ll be celebrating throughout the year.

Besides being super-easy to navigate, the site also offers up history lessons (like in  Chicago in 1938, the Salvation Army created this holiday as a way to raise funds for World War I) as well as scientific research backed by survey results (America has spoken and Krispy Kreme > Dunkin’ Donuts, though here in New England, it’s Dunkin’ Country)

Which upcoming holiday are you looking forward to celebrating?

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