September 12: Game On!

(An authority on the current state of video games I am not, yet National Today allowed me to turn back the clock – and compensated me for it – as I share with you how we video game in our home) 

Thanks for my anticipated lack of production today, National Today. Because of this tremendous site, I know what I’ll be doing this morning (and what we’ll be doing once the boys get home from school): playing video games! I mean it is National Video Games Day!

Having three boys growing up waaaaaay to quickly, you might think we’ve got video games going on Up, Up, Down, Down, left (and) right, Left, Right, B, A, Start (quick, name the game!), but you’d be mistaken. Kinda.

Today’s games and gaming systems seem a little too time-consuming and detailed for me, but for some they’re a lifestyle…and like for the teenager who won $3 million at the Fortnite World Cup, can be quite the payday. We’re 100% unpaid amateurs over here, however.

My kids are eight, five, and three, so their level of gaming is a less advanced than the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or even the Nintendo Switch. And based on National Today‘s survey of 1,000 Americans, Xbox and PlayStation each got 38% of the votes as best gaming console followed by Nintendo (21%).super-1138462_640

And as far as games go: Fortnite?, forget it; Minecraft?, meh; Grand Theft Auto?, get outta here. We’re simpletons over here.

Our only gaming console just so happens to be one that hadn’t been used since our first son was born over eight years ago: Nintendo Wii. The beauty of the Wii is it offers up some level of activity and not-so-friendly sibling competition that sometimes ends in fighting. In short, it’s not a mindless game that they get nothing out of. (Unless they wind up fighting or biting because someone was losing, like yesterday, in which case nothing good comes out of it.)

They all seem extremely content with the Wii Sports, the pack-in game when you bought the Wii, way back in 2006. My oldest was into Mario Kart until we misplaced the steering wheel accessory.

When I was a kid, I was into Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Games like Major League BaseballTecmo Bowl, Excitebike, and Contra my go-to the NES while Sonic and NHL ’94 were my staples on Sega.

I am sometimes tempted to buy an old-school NES since the controllers are so easy to grasp and game-play seemed so simple, but then I hear my kids shrieking with glee after rolling a strike on Wii Sports’ bowling. I think we’re all set with the Wii.

Here’s a taste of the myriad of fun facts National Today gives you about any and every day in the Gregorian calendar:

  • studies show that adults who play video games have higher levels of happiness.
  • 8% of people polled play video games on their commute to work (hopefully while on public transportation and not while driving!)
  • 34% play video games on the toilet, which is 100% gross and unsanitary.
  • Super Mario was voted the best video game franchise with 47% of the votes

What was your favorite video game growing up? And now?

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