Ale Yeah! On Sunday, we celebrate.

(As part of an ongoing partnership with National Today to make you aware of fun, quirky, lesser-known holidays, I’m being compensated for sharing my favorite holiday in October with you. Cheers.)

October’s most well-known holiday comes on its final day but that ain’t what I’m after this month, though I will pillage my kids’ candy after trick-or-treating. And I am thankful and grateful for the Navy’s birthday on October 13th. And most certainly will not be losing myself celebrating Eminem’s birthday (Oct. 17), wearing every single chain on Drake’s (Oct. 24), or igniting the light for Katy Perry’s (Oct. 25).

I will, however, celebrate a day that can (pun?) and should (?) be celebrated every day, by responsible adults: National American Beer Day!

IMG_4457This isn’t a day to drink imports, this is the day you still shouldn’t sport your flannel, beard, and pretzel necklace support your local craft brewery and drink some freshly brewed local beers…unless you’re reading this and live outside of America, because after all, this is National American Beer Day. As an added bonus, it falls on a Sunday so you’ve got no excuse. Just don’t celebrate too hard (no keg stands in your buddy’s backyard), Monday is lurking.

Seriously, find a brewery or three close to where you live and head over for a flight. Try something new. Try something tried and true. Try a pumpkin beer – after all, it is fall.

Not sure which style is for you? There’s myriad to choose from: IPA, New England IPA (NEIPA), pale ale, stout, porter, Pilsner, lager, just to name a few.

Living here in New England, NEIPAs dominate the beer scene and unapologetically, I’m a fan. They’re known as “juice bombs” thanks to their hazy look (think grapefruit juice) along with tropical fruit and citrus notes (Googled description). Some people love them while others love to hate them. But ride your wave, drink what you like.

So, On Sunday, celebrate something good that’s happened in your life. Throw back a few with friends as the kids run wild and you reminisce. Crack one open after mowing the lawn or raking the leaves. Drink to forget. Whatever.

Just make sure to enjoy responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

What’s your favorite brewery? Favorite beer style?

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