Summer Vacationing

This is the first summer where all three boys can partake in the enjoyment of a family vacation, and it's been AWESOME! We planned three week-long trips over the course of three months - one trip a month - and after summer vacationing is complete, Nolan begins first grade while Graham will embark on his … Continue reading Summer Vacationing


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

"Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives." No, being an at-home dad hasn't got me watching soaps every afternoon while the little guys sleep, but this quote is becoming more and more aprapos, maybe? Shit, I don't even know if it makes sense in the context I'm trying to use … Continue reading Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Trip to the Big Apple

Departure to New York City was determined the day prior to be between 8:00am and 8:30am. We left at 8:18am, so, for wintertime, with three kids, that's pretty much thirty minutes early. We arrived around 10:30am and got a street spot on W59th Street right near the horse-drawn carriage parking. Poor horses. The coachman/driver bellowed, "They're going … Continue reading Trip to the Big Apple

Halloween hand-me-down

It’s October and that means we’re really close to the time of year every parent steals from his or her children. Yes, of course it’s Halloween! Kids don’t really need fifteen pounds of candy, do they? They don’t even know that the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, no matter the size, is the best candy they’ll … Continue reading Halloween hand-me-down

10 reasons Fall is my favorite season

(That picture is a throwback from 2012, when Nolan was the lone child) Besides Maine (where they have winter and a few weeks in July), the majority of New England experiences all four seasons. Summer: Sun, sand, watching your kids eat sand, not being able to relax at the beach because your kids are running wild. … Continue reading 10 reasons Fall is my favorite season

Learning to Read

You might've seen maybe one of my favorite photos I've taken of Nolan if you follow me on Instagram but if not, there it is again: Nolan learning to read with a book light clipped to his book shelf above his bed. It's a simple book counting from one to ten with different animals. Pretty straight-forward but all … Continue reading Learning to Read

Part 1: Farmers’ Markets = Food Trucks

I'm not a foodie nor do I claim to be. I also have very little understanding of what foods pairs with what and have no idea about "depth of flavor" or whatever the hell you hear on television cooking shows. But based on my ever-expanding waistline, I enjoy food. And I like all kinds of food. … Continue reading Part 1: Farmers’ Markets = Food Trucks

Thomas Land at Edaville USA

If you've got kids, chances are you've at least heard of Thomas & Friends. Maybe not even the friends, but probably Thomas the Tank Engine. And if your kids love Thomas, and even if they don't, and you live within a few hour drive of Carver, Massachusetts, treat your kids to an awesome day at … Continue reading Thomas Land at Edaville USA