Go check out the Goats!

It took almost two seasons but we finally made it out as a family to watch the Hartford Yard Goats at Dunkin' Donuts Park. I've taken the boys a few times and we all caught a UConn baseball game earlier in the year, but we've never witnessed the glory of the Goats as a family. … Continue reading Go check out the Goats!


7 Reasons to Throw Your Kid’s Party at Home

As I sit here sipping my fourth mint julep in as many days, I decided to reflect upon the combo birthday party we threw for Nolan (7th) and Austin (2nd) this past weekend. Granted, at this stage in their lives, it's a bit easier, but you never know. We offered Nolan two options for his … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Throw Your Kid’s Party at Home

Beyond the Meat

It was our (Linds and I) second time this week we've decided to go beyond the meat for dinner. I'm not saying we eat meat every other night for dinner. It's actually quite the opposite. Typically, we'll have meat once or twice a week, rarely more than that. We've begun compiling dinner ideas that feature … Continue reading Beyond the Meat

My attempt at bartaco’s black bean salad

Pinterest is either a gold mine or land mine for recipes and meal suggestions. Often times for me, it's the latter as the recipes just don't come together like they're supposed to even when I follow the directions to a T. Restaurants also give me ideas for meals and sides, but because we don't eat out too often, those … Continue reading My attempt at bartaco’s black bean salad

Tomato soup that your 5yo will begrudgingly try after 20 minutes of complaining

Yep, this new "rule" we've implemented about trying one new food every night at dinner is going over swimmingly. And by swimmingly, well, just look at the title. Linds, Austin, and I thought the soup was great, a great accompaniment to the Muenster and Colby Jack grilled cheese that went with it. As expected, the … Continue reading Tomato soup that your 5yo will begrudgingly try after 20 minutes of complaining


We introduced Austin to solid foods last week. Was it a success? Is it a complete and utter mess after he’s done eating? Is he pissed when it’s gone? The answer to all three questions is a resounding YES! Pumpkin. Sweet potato. Pears. Peas and spinach. Apple, pumpkin, and granola. Blueberry and purple carrot teething biscuits. Prunes … Continue reading Fooooooood!

Follow Up: Taking a stand

I know it's only been a few days, but I'm already following up on my previous post about not cutting the crust off lunchtime sandwiches. Nolan hasn't been had any issues or voiced any concern about me cutting off the top crust only. Graham, after eating the entire sandwich the first time I didn't remove any crust, … Continue reading Follow Up: Taking a stand

Taking a stand

Despite my affinity to snack on the crust of every peanut butter and jelly sandwich I make for Nolan and Graham, today I decided I take a stand. Not against the former but rather the latter. He's only two, is just beginning to formulate phrases, and pretty much eats anything (besides hot dogs and waffles!?). I … Continue reading Taking a stand

Top Squash

I was reintroduced to a squash that I had overlooked quite a bit - well, since last year around this time, but it's one of the best squash on Earth. The Delicata squash. It's delicious and super easy to prep and cook, so here's exactly what I did. Cut squash in half lengthwise Remove seeds … Continue reading Top Squash