Nolan’s Flags of the Day: The Bahamas, Madagascar (4/19/18)

The Bahamas Location: located within the Lucayan Archipelago in the Caribbean, north of Cuba and Haiti Population: 391,000+ Area: 5,300+ sq. mi. Famous Person: Sir Sidney Poitier, actor, author, director, diplomat; 1st black actor to win Academy Award for Best Actor (Lillies in the Field, 1964) Fun Fact 1: 98.2% of the population of The … Continue reading Nolan’s Flags of the Day: The Bahamas, Madagascar (4/19/18)


7th Birthday Surprise at Six Flags New England

If you followed along on my Instagram stories yesterday, then you realized that we were at Six Flags New England. I'm not sorry for the amount of stories I posted. It started with a trip to Mrs. Murphy's Donuts in Southwick, MA, a must stop for "breakfast" if you're within a 30-mile radius.  We surprised … Continue reading 7th Birthday Surprise at Six Flags New England

Nolan’s Flag of the Day: Republic of the Congo (4/18/18)

Location: Central Africa Population: 4.7+ million Area: 132,000 sq. mi. Fun Fact 1: The great apes (bonobos and eastern lowland) can only be found in Congo. Fun Fact 2: Half of the country lies north of the equator and half of it lies to the south.

Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Every school day, I write Graham and Nolan lunch notes on standard 3" x 3" Post-its. The hope is that they make them smile, encourage them, or maybe even teach them a thing or two. Nolan's recent, steadfast enthusiasm for all things flag-related has altered the content on his notes: it's now a flag drawing … Continue reading Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Vexillology, FTW!

Hundreds of things, if not thousands, fall in and our of kids' favor for no apparent reason besides they're kids. But during this year's Winter Olympics, something specific stood out to Nolan. It wasn't necessarily the sporting aspect, though his interest in sports has peaked of late: the living/dining room routinely turns into a hockey … Continue reading Vexillology, FTW!

The day the boys turned into animals

My frantic morning with Austin included trips to Target, Aldi, Stop & Shop, and Big Lots - all within a 90-minute window. I think Christmas shopping for the boys might finally be done. Probably not, but the rest will be little things. Literally. Target and Big Lots are half-mile apart, yet they bookended my trip. … Continue reading The day the boys turned into animals

My 6-year-old’s (Practical) Christmas List

Nolan wrote a letter to Santa the other day consisting of what he's hoping to get for Christmas. And honestly, it's a damn good list, full of practical and useful things instead of outrageous requests - like a bounce house. There's only seven things on it, so here it is: one. The game sorry. A … Continue reading My 6-year-old’s (Practical) Christmas List

Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Nolan was hopeful the value of losing his first tooth was equal to a real bounce house. The disappointment - not seen in this smile - he must've felt when he woke up - at 4:45am (!!) - only to realize all the Tooth Fairy left him was $1.41, two toothbrushes, and a tube of … Continue reading Dream Big: Losing Teeth

“Lose yourself” in the moment

Lately, Nolan has been saying he's afraid of certain things, certain unknowns - asking the substitute school librarian for an "I Spy" book because they don't know one another, attending to his first ever dance class, and apparently nightmares where monsters are chasing him. Seems like rational fear. As I drove him to dance class … Continue reading “Lose yourself” in the moment

Headed to HASCON!

Battleship. Candy Land. G.I. Joe. Jenga. Marvel. Mister Potato Head. Nerf. Play-Doh. Sesame Street. Trolls. Besides every one of these things being part of my childhood and/or my kids' childhood, what's the common denominator? Hasbro! And Nolan, Graham, and I were lucky enough to receive free credentials to attend #HASCON this weekend in Providence, RI, … Continue reading Headed to HASCON!