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Battleship: more than just a game

Nolan recently received Battleship as a gift for his 6th birthday and despite thoroughly enjoying it the one time he's played it, he hasn't played it again. Yet. But watching a six-year-old play this game (quite terribly at times), it struck me as more than a game. It was the first time I'd seen the game being… Continue reading Battleship: more than just a game

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Death to the Goody Bag

The planning, lead-up, and execution of a kid's birthday party. It's enjoyable stress, if that's a thing. It's now Friday and Nolan's party is tomorrow, so I'm writing this is advance of the actual party, but they've got our money, so it's happening. Every party begins with where it'll be - at home or at a venue. And… Continue reading Death to the Goody Bag

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Nolan, the “hula hooping sensation”

By the time I publish this, what happened tonight is already three days old. Tonight's events won't be as clear as they are right now. Some details might get lost in time. (I know it's only three days, but I'm 35 and forget stuff). I was going to wait until today to type this, but I couldn't let… Continue reading Nolan, the “hula hooping sensation”

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Graham was writhing in pain, tugging at his ears, and dripping snot until after midnight before finally retreating from our bed back to his lower bunk and passing out. I'm pretty sure that him being a thumb-sucker wasn't helping matters. As of this writing, 8:41am, he's still asleep in bed.  Austin has a runny nose… Continue reading Boogers. EVERYWHERE!

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Joke of the Day

Question: How did the house come to life and go to the supermarket? Answer: Because it was so, so, so, so, so, so hungry. And the mouth was the windows!