7 Things Your Kids Will Bring Home From School

If you're reading this, you probably have kids, have had kids, or just have nothing better to do. As is the case for two of the three, back to school time brings about a plethora of emotions: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear, among countless others. Sometimes they bring their emotions home with them, or is the … Continue reading 7 Things Your Kids Will Bring Home From School


First Day of School…times two

It's really hard to believe that we have two school-aged kids. For Nolan, it was yesterday. He decided the entire family was taking him to school in lieu of riding the bus, which I kind of expected. He didn't show a hint of nervousness despite his breakdown a few nights ago, though he later admitted to … Continue reading First Day of School…times two

The Tears Will Dry Up

Maybe it was the back to school haircut he/they got today triggered his emotions.I walked down the hall towards Nolan and Graham's room for the fourth time since leaving them to sleep for the night. The first three times one of them called for Linds or me.This time? There were both tears and all-out whimpering. Nolan … Continue reading The Tears Will Dry Up

An Ode to Mr. Personality

For Nolan, it's come and gone. For Austin, it'll get here eventually. For Graham, it's right around the corner...and I'm cautiously optimistic. Graham, once called "Gronk" by one of my best friends because of his use of grunts in lieu of words, is going to be starting preschool in the fall. Three mornings or five? But really...PRESCHOOL!? … Continue reading An Ode to Mr. Personality

Learning to Read

You might've seen maybe one of my favorite photos I've taken of Nolan if you follow me on Instagram but if not, there it is again: Nolan learning to read with a book light clipped to his book shelf above his bed. It's a simple book counting from one to ten with different animals. Pretty straight-forward but all … Continue reading Learning to Read

Why so sensitive?

Dealing with a sensitive son who just so happens to be a big a-hole sometimes is tough, but here's a little insight as to why. (thanks Dirt & Boogers)