Sideline Parenting: The Good and Bad

It's finally baseball season. And with it comes a fresh start for all 30 teams and hope for fans of each. It means warmer weather. It means tiny gloves and uniforms that is little league. And finally and definitely last, it means sideline parenting. In little league, where kids are as young as five, they're not-so-quietly present. … Continue reading Sideline Parenting: The Good and Bad


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

"Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives." No, being an at-home dad hasn't got me watching soaps every afternoon while the little guys sleep, but this quote is becoming more and more aprapos, maybe? Shit, I don't even know if it makes sense in the context I'm trying to use … Continue reading Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

At-Home Dad’s Guide to the NCAA Tourney

Every parent will tell you they love experiencing things with their child(ren) and I'm no different. Except that my kids (mainly Nolan) have very little interest in watching sports. They'd much rather go to events (and run amok) and I'm cool with that. As a matter of fact, if money was no object, we'd go to … Continue reading At-Home Dad’s Guide to the NCAA Tourney

DIY: Whitewashing Brick

So a lot went in to the decision to whitewash our brick fireplace in the lower level but there was one main issue: the surround was covered with this ugly tile and a fireplace door that wasn't even attached to the brick. The tile was uneven and, as it turns out, stuck to the bricks … Continue reading DIY: Whitewashing Brick

Diaper Change or Wrestling Match?

He's just over five months old but every time I change Austin's diaper it feels like I'm trying to pin one of the Road Warriors - either one, Hawk or Animal. I know it was difficult to pin either of them because I used the Google to find out "best WWF winning percentage" and they were … Continue reading Diaper Change or Wrestling Match?

“Well, marker really.”

We were down in the playroom the other night and Nolan was drawing roller coasters on his white board. He had already drawn a few but they clearly didn't meet his expectations. So then came this dual coaster: He asked me which one I liked better, so I told him the one with the sideways … Continue reading “Well, marker really.”

Gymnastics, huh?

Well when we had our first son, the thought of him taking a gymnastics class was not even in the realm of my thinking. I had never even given it a thought as I'd chalked up baseball as the would-be sport de choix (not sure why I chose to use a French translator for 'sport of choice'). … Continue reading Gymnastics, huh?