Sea Isle City: the beach, Fudgy Wudgy, and much more

Not even a week removed from our visit to the glorious shores of Sea Isle City, NJ, I'm already longing for the return. My father-in-law's side of the family has spent countless summers "down the shore," almost 30 years worth, and we've been fortunate to tag along a couple of times, including the past two … Continue reading Sea Isle City: the beach, Fudgy Wudgy, and much more


Putting a bow on 2018 Dad 2.0 Summit

I haven't put a bow on anything besides a gift here and there, and last I checked, bows aren't something you can put on typed words, either. And there's certainly no bow large enough to be put on the Dad 2.0 Summit. My 2nd Dad 2.0 Summit exceeded my first last year for the simple fact I … Continue reading Putting a bow on 2018 Dad 2.0 Summit

A Thank You to Dad 2.0 Summit (& New Orleans)

It seems way too soon to write in totality about my four-plus days spent in New Orleans for 2018's Dad 2.0 Summit, so I'll break it down into easily digestible pieces over the next few days/weeks. And for my own sake, I'll go chronologically to help me remember everything in as much detail as I … Continue reading A Thank You to Dad 2.0 Summit (& New Orleans)

A child’s (and parents) range of emotions

He was stoked to get there...then realized he missed us terribly...but once the sun comes back up, he'll be living the dream. Nolan's off to Martha's Vineyard to spend a few days by himself before the rest of our crew joins him next Wednesday.

Summer Vacationing

This is the first summer where all three boys can partake in the enjoyment of a family vacation, and it's been AWESOME! We planned three week-long trips over the course of three months - one trip a month - and after summer vacationing is complete, Nolan begins first grade while Graham will embark on his … Continue reading Summer Vacationing

Cork Board, Superheroes, and Crossing the Road

I'm not a superhero fan, have read maybe a handful of comic books in my life, and had never seen a superhero movie in its entirety until The Lego Batman Movie last weekend. I've never eaten a Trader Joe's brownie. I also have never thought more than looking both ways before crossing the road. Enter … Continue reading Cork Board, Superheroes, and Crossing the Road

Southwest Airlines, FTW!

As most of you probably know, I blog. As most of you probably don't know, I'm headed out to San Diego for the Dad 2.0 Summit. There's a snowstorm coming our way, looking like it'll hit Thursday morning. I was scheduled to fly out at 5:45am but with the storm's heaviest snow scheduled for between … Continue reading Southwest Airlines, FTW!

Product Review: Baby Bjorn One

Nolan was the beneficiary of the first Baby Bjorn I owned way back in 2011. It was a gray carrier with white and red trim and we used it every single day while living in New York City for the early part of his life. I'd wear it/him walking around the city, on the bus, on the subway...pretty … Continue reading Product Review: Baby Bjorn One

Trip to the Big Apple

Departure to New York City was determined the day prior to be between 8:00am and 8:30am. We left at 8:18am, so, for wintertime, with three kids, that's pretty much thirty minutes early. We arrived around 10:30am and got a street spot on W59th Street right near the horse-drawn carriage parking. Poor horses. The coachman/driver bellowed, "They're going … Continue reading Trip to the Big Apple