Flag of the Day: Myanmar (4/5/18)

Location: Southeast Asia Population: 53.5+ million people Area: 261,000+ sq. mi. Famous Person: Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician, diplomat, author, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fun Fact 1: America still refers to Myanmar as "Burma" Fun Fact 2: It's bad luck to get a haircut on a Monday, Friday, or your birthday  


Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Every school day, I write Graham and Nolan lunch notes on standard 3" x 3" Post-its. The hope is that they make them smile, encourage them, or maybe even teach them a thing or two. Nolan's recent, steadfast enthusiasm for all things flag-related has altered the content on his notes: it's now a flag drawing … Continue reading Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Book Review: Homey Don’t Play That!

I was young and unaware of just how important In Living Color was in turning mainstream television on its head. Author David Peisner's behind-the-scenes look at the history of the show chopped into short, easy-to-digest chapters make Homey Don't Play That!: The Story of In Living Color and the Black Comedy Revolution a must-read for anyone who appreciates sketch … Continue reading Book Review: Homey Don’t Play That!

Beyond the Meat

It was our (Linds and I) second time this week we've decided to go beyond the meat for dinner. I'm not saying we eat meat every other night for dinner. It's actually quite the opposite. Typically, we'll have meat once or twice a week, rarely more than that. We've begun compiling dinner ideas that feature … Continue reading Beyond the Meat

Vexillology, FTW!

Hundreds of things, if not thousands, fall in and our of kids' favor for no apparent reason besides they're kids. But during this year's Winter Olympics, something specific stood out to Nolan. It wasn't necessarily the sporting aspect, though his interest in sports has peaked of late: the living/dining room routinely turns into a hockey … Continue reading Vexillology, FTW!

Book Review: The Man From the Train

I really enjoy a good true crime, serial killer book. I kept hoping Bill James' The Man from the Train: The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery would reel me back in the way it had for the first 150, 200 pages. Alas, it didn't. I just returned it to the library, overdue and unfinished! So … Continue reading Book Review: The Man From the Train

Three Constants: Pizza, Pasta, and SmartyPants

(Disclaimer: I was compensated by SmartyPants for this post. They gave me no restrictions pertaining to complaining about how picky my kids are when it comes to eating. All thoughts are my own. And my kids remain the pickiest eaters in the state of Connecticut.) Your kids eat like, well, kids, and your diet ain't that … Continue reading Three Constants: Pizza, Pasta, and SmartyPants

Top 11: TV Shows My Kids Enjoy

Everyone loves a good (and bad) list, including me, so without any further ado, here's the Top 10 11 list of television shows our kids enjoy, in no particular order. (A quick note before I begin: nickelodeons were the first type of indoor spaces dedicated to showing projected movies, for a nickel. I'm assuming this is … Continue reading Top 11: TV Shows My Kids Enjoy

Nina’s Nana Needs to Go…to JAIL

Deciding which show to watch on which network is often a very tough decision for kids. Their choices are limited since we cut the cord, but still, a very tough decision. Their "favorite" show changes daily with the exception of a few go-to episodes. And recently, Nina Needs to Go! was the show du jour, with … Continue reading Nina’s Nana Needs to Go…to JAIL

Book Review: The Stranger in the Woods

Would you willingly, on a whim, decide to give up everything and live off the land? Cut off from all human interaction. With your only food source available by pilfering from nearby seasonal lake houses. At age 20. Roughing it outdoors for all but one day. In Maine. for 27 years?! Author Michael Finkel tells … Continue reading Book Review: The Stranger in the Woods