First Day of School…times two

It's really hard to believe that we have two school-aged kids. For Nolan, it was yesterday. He decided the entire family was taking him to school in lieu of riding the bus, which I kind of expected. He didn't show a hint of nervousness despite his breakdown a few nights ago, though he later admitted to … Continue reading First Day of School…times two


The Tears Will Dry Up

Maybe it was the back to school haircut he/they got today triggered his emotions.I walked down the hall towards Nolan and Graham's room for the fourth time since leaving them to sleep for the night. The first three times one of them called for Linds or me.This time? There were both tears and all-out whimpering. Nolan … Continue reading The Tears Will Dry Up

Beer Review: Wachusett Brewing Co. Blueberry Ale

Brewery: Wachusett Brewing Co.,, Westminster, MA Beer: Blueberry Ale Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 4.5% Availability: year-round Brewer's Notes: "This ale defines the style. A slight aroma of blueberry, balanced by a delicious flavor that gets fermented into this wheat ale." Beer Dope Review: You get the blueberry aroma as soon as you pop the cap … Continue reading Beer Review: Wachusett Brewing Co. Blueberry Ale

A child’s (and parents) range of emotions

He was stoked to get there...then realized he missed us terribly...but once the sun comes back up, he'll be living the dream. Nolan's off to Martha's Vineyard to spend a few days by himself before the rest of our crew joins him next Wednesday.

Summer Vacationing

This is the first summer where all three boys can partake in the enjoyment of a family vacation, and it's been AWESOME! We planned three week-long trips over the course of three months - one trip a month - and after summer vacationing is complete, Nolan begins first grade while Graham will embark on his … Continue reading Summer Vacationing

Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future

Three boys. One amazingly creative, artistic, sensitive, imaginative 6-year-old school-aged son (Nolan). One carefree, caring, always-smiling, rambunctious 3-year-old preschooler (Graham). One ever-hungry, fearless, happy-go-lucky 1-year-old toddler (Austin). There's no more babies here, but really, aren't they always our babies? And since that was clearly a rhetorical question, #ThanksBaby. Thank you Nolan, for making me a … Continue reading Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future