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Dad-stronomy 101: Aldebaran

ALDEBARAN Location: Taurus Constellation Classification: K5 III star (orange giant star) Distance: ~65 light-years Alternate Names: Alpha Tauri, "the fiery eye of the Bull" Apparent Magnitude: 1.0 Meaning of Name: Arabic for "the Follower" Fun Facts: the brightest object in the constellation Taurus the helium core has ignited a shell of hydrogen outside the core, making it a red… Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Aldebaran

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Dad-stronomy 101: Pleiades

PLEIADES Location: Taurus Constellation Classification: Open Star Cluster Distance: ~444 light years Alternate Names: "M45" and "Seven Sisters" Apparent Magnitude: 1.6 Meaning of Name: Greek derived from plein, "to sail" Fun Facts: among the nearest star clusters to Earth is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye is dominated by hot blue and extremely luminous stars formed… Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Pleiades

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Dad-stronomy 101: Betegeuse

BETELGEUSE Location: Orion Constellation Classification: Semi-regular Variable Star (varying brightness) Distance: ~498 light-years Alternate Names: "Alpha Orionis" Apparent Magnitude: 0.4 Meaning of Name: Arabic for "the axilla of Orion" Fun Facts: ninth-brightest star in Earth's night sky and second-brightest in Orion Constellation (Rigel) classified as a red supergiant one of the largest and most luminous stars… Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Betegeuse

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Dad-stronomy 101: Sirius

SIRIUS Location: Canis Major Constellation (Greater Dog) Classification: Spectroscopic Binary Distance: ~9 light-years Alternate Names: "Dog Star" Apparent Magnitude: -1.5 Meaning of Name: Greek for "scorcher" or "glowing" Fun Facts: brightest star in Earth's night sky is actually a binary star (Sirius A, Sirius B) Sirius A is twice as massive as the Sun will… Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Sirius

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At-Home Dad’s Guide to the NCAA Tourney

Every parent will tell you they love experiencing things with their child(ren) and I'm no different. Except that my kids (mainly Nolan) have very little interest in watching sports. They'd much rather go to events (and run amok) and I'm cool with that. As a matter of fact, if money was no object, we'd go to… Continue reading At-Home Dad’s Guide to the NCAA Tourney

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Become a dad-stronomer!

Despite getting a D in Astronomy while in college and having a telescope I had to have but never use, I've found all I really need to be a dad-stronomer is simple: kid(s) and a free app. The app is SkyView Free. It allows you point your phone's camera skyward and view the entire night sky. There's also a… Continue reading Become a dad-stronomer!

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My attempt at bartaco’s black bean salad

Pinterest is either a gold mine or land mine for recipes and meal suggestions. Often times for me, it's the latter as the recipes just don't come together like they're supposed to even when I follow the directions to a T. Restaurants also give me ideas for meals and sides, but because we don't eat out too often, those… Continue reading My attempt at bartaco’s black bean salad

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An Ode to Mr. Personality

For Nolan, it's come and gone. For Austin, it'll get here eventually. For Graham, it's right around the corner...and I'm cautiously optimistic. Graham, once called "Gronk" by one of my best friends because of his use of grunts in lieu of words, is going to be starting preschool in the fall. Three mornings or five? But really...PRESCHOOL!?… Continue reading An Ode to Mr. Personality

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Giveaway: Baby Bjorn Carrier One

As an at-home dad to two (sometimes three) young boys, it often feels like I'm performing a juggling act when we go out. I'm not juggling the boys (though I can juggle), but rather tasks. At home, things like unloading the dishwasher or vacuuming are pretty easily completed, but when we venture out of the friendly confines, that's… Continue reading Giveaway: Baby Bjorn Carrier One