Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future

Three boys. One amazingly creative, artistic, sensitive, imaginative 6-year-old school-aged son (Nolan). One carefree, caring, always-smiling, rambunctious 3-year-old preschooler (Graham). One ever-hungry, fearless, happy-go-lucky 1-year-old toddler (Austin). There's no more babies here, but really, aren't they always our babies? And since that was clearly a rhetorical question, #ThanksBaby. Thank you Nolan, for making me a … Continue reading Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future


Battleship: more than just a game

Nolan recently received Battleship as a gift for his 6th birthday and despite thoroughly enjoying it the one time he's played it, he hasn't played it again. Yet. But watching a six-year-old play this game (quite terribly at times), it struck me as more than a game. It was the first time I'd seen the game being … Continue reading Battleship: more than just a game

Death to the Goody Bag

The planning, lead-up, and execution of a kid's birthday party. It's enjoyable stress, if that's a thing. It's now Friday and Nolan's party is tomorrow, so I'm writing this is advance of the actual party, but they've got our money, so it's happening. Every party begins with where it'll be - at home or at a venue. And … Continue reading Death to the Goody Bag

Sideline Parenting: The Good and Bad

It's finally baseball season. And with it comes a fresh start for all 30 teams and hope for fans of each. It means warmer weather. It means tiny gloves and uniforms that is little league. And finally and definitely last, it means sideline parenting. In little league, where kids are as young as five, they're not-so-quietly present. … Continue reading Sideline Parenting: The Good and Bad

Dad-stronomy 101: Gamma Cassiopeiae

GAMMA CASSIOPEIAE Location: Cassiopeia Constellation Classification: Eruptive variable star Distance: ~550 light-years Alternate Names: Tsih, Navi (after US astronaut Virgil Ivan Grissom's middle name spelled backwards) Apparent Magnitude: 2.47 Meaning of Name: in Chinese, it is named "the whip" Fun Facts: located as the center of the "W" asterism it's rapid rotational velocity gives it an … Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Gamma Cassiopeiae

Dad-stronomy 101: Pollux

POLLUX Location: Gemini Constellation Classification: Giant Star Distance: ~34 light-years Alternate Names: Beta Geminorum Apparent Magnitude: 1.1 Meaning of Name: refers specifically to the twins of Roman and Greek mythology Fun Facts: the brightest star in the constellation Gemini 17th-brightest star in the night sky in 2006, it was confirmed that Pollux has an extrasolar planet, Pullux … Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Pollux

Nolan, the “hula hooping sensation”

By the time I publish this, what happened tonight is already three days old. Tonight's events won't be as clear as they are right now. Some details might get lost in time. (I know it's only three days, but I'm 35 and forget stuff). I was going to wait until today to type this, but I couldn't let … Continue reading Nolan, the “hula hooping sensation”

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

"Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives." No, being an at-home dad hasn't got me watching soaps every afternoon while the little guys sleep, but this quote is becoming more and more aprapos, maybe? Shit, I don't even know if it makes sense in the context I'm trying to use … Continue reading Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday