Gymnastics, huh?

Well when we had our first son, the thought of him taking a gymnastics class was not even in the realm of my thinking. I had never even given it a thought as I'd chalked up baseball as the would-be sport de choix (not sure why I chose to use a French translator for 'sport of choice'). … Continue reading Gymnastics, huh?


Overdue (albeit brief) post

Here's a brief rundown since I've been gone...

Top 5 – MiLB Teams (New England+NY/NJ/PA)

In no way is this a Top 5 list based on wins and losses or production of Major League talent, but rather team name and logo. Let's face it, everyone loves aesthetically pleasing logos and fun, unique team names. Living in Connecticut, a state that's had two minor league teams for years - one of which has a … Continue reading Top 5 – MiLB Teams (New England+NY/NJ/PA)

Top 5 – MLB Spring Training caps

Pitchers and catchers reported this week for Spring Training, a time every baseball has eagerly waited for since October. With that comes yet another sweet collection of caps players will wear until the end of March, so the beauty these hats behold is fleeting. Here's my list of the top five 2016 Spring Training hats, in no particular … Continue reading Top 5 – MLB Spring Training caps

Day Games, Pure Wander and Day 2 of Potty Training

It's by far better than yesterday when he blew through 6 pairs of undies, four more than me. Today he's 5.5/7 on making it to his toilet on time. Unfortunately, he got up a little too soon from his guacamole and, get it. I just put him down for a nap and plowed through … Continue reading Day Games, Pure Wander and Day 2 of Potty Training