Flag of the Day: China (4/6/18)

  Location: East Asia Population: 1.4+ billion people Area: 3,700,000+ sq. mi. Famous Person: Lee Jun-fan, AKA Bruce Lee, actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher Fun Fact 1: Half of all the pigs on Earth are living in China Fun Fact 2: Paper was invented in China over 1,900 years ago  


Flag of the Day: Myanmar (4/5/18)

Location: Southeast Asia Population: 53.5+ million people Area: 261,000+ sq. mi. Famous Person: Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician, diplomat, author, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fun Fact 1: America still refers to Myanmar as "Burma" Fun Fact 2: It's bad luck to get a haircut on a Monday, Friday, or your birthday  

Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Every school day, I write Graham and Nolan lunch notes on standard 3" x 3" Post-its. The hope is that they make them smile, encourage them, or maybe even teach them a thing or two. Nolan's recent, steadfast enthusiasm for all things flag-related has altered the content on his notes: it's now a flag drawing … Continue reading Lunch Note Flag of the Day

Vexillology, FTW!

Hundreds of things, if not thousands, fall in and our of kids' favor for no apparent reason besides they're kids. But during this year's Winter Olympics, something specific stood out to Nolan. It wasn't necessarily the sporting aspect, though his interest in sports has peaked of late: the living/dining room routinely turns into a hockey … Continue reading Vexillology, FTW!