My 6-year-old’s (Practical) Christmas List

Nolan wrote a letter to Santa the other day consisting of what he's hoping to get for Christmas. And honestly, it's a damn good list, full of practical and useful things instead of outrageous requests - like a bounce house. There's only seven things on it, so here it is: one. The game sorry. A … Continue reading My 6-year-old’s (Practical) Christmas List


Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Nolan was hopeful the value of losing his first tooth was equal to a real bounce house. The disappointment - not seen in this smile - he must've felt when he woke up - at 4:45am (!!) - only to realize all the Tooth Fairy left him was $1.41, two toothbrushes, and a tube of … Continue reading Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Cork Board, Superheroes, and Crossing the Road

I'm not a superhero fan, have read maybe a handful of comic books in my life, and had never seen a superhero movie in its entirety until The Lego Batman Movie last weekend. I've never eaten a Trader Joe's brownie. I also have never thought more than looking both ways before crossing the road. Enter … Continue reading Cork Board, Superheroes, and Crossing the Road

Unit, in all his quirky glory

Like most every kids, Unit has his fair share of stuffed animals. And quirks. His bed looks like it's been invaded by cotton-filled creatures but he still digs in and carves out a nice little spot for himself to sleep every day and night. And the nightstand next to his bed, that's got some collection of … Continue reading Unit, in all his quirky glory

Five things my 3-year-old got excited about today

Everyday is a fresh start filled with new adventures, new sights, and new sounds. And when you're three-years-old, even the littlest things can amaze you. (Now that I read that, maybe adults need to take a page out of the three-year-old's playbook.) Anyway, Unit has been relatively pleasant lately sans a few outbursts here and there, … Continue reading Five things my 3-year-old got excited about today