Top 5 – Office Supplies

Nolan loves office supplies. As a four-year-old, it might seem weird, but the kid LOVES office supplies. They've literally taken the place of every other toy in the house and I am totally fine with it. He's borderline obsessed. He asks me at least once a day to go to Staples so he can see all the … Continue reading Top 5 – Office Supplies


Top 5 – U.S. License Plates

(EDITED: Kansas' new plate is horrid, initially I mistook the 2011 plate for the present plate - my big mistake) Growing up, whenever we took a road trip I always used to stare out the window looking for out-of-state (non-New York) license plates, checking the states off as I saw their plate. As an adult, I … Continue reading Top 5 – U.S. License Plates

Top 5 – Days of the Week

When it comes to days of the week, Monday is easily the most despised while Friday is often king. I've never had a 'case of the Mondays' but I used to love TGIF growing up. For me, every day is pretty much the same, except Saturday. Here's a top five list of days of the week but … Continue reading Top 5 – Days of the Week

Top 5 – Vegetables

This here is a list of the top five vegetables for Nolan, and Graham to an extent. Eating is always a challenge since neither child seems to enjoy branching out from the typical 'kid food' - pizza, mac & cheese, pancakes - it varies kid to kid, family to family. The toughest thing to convince … Continue reading Top 5 – Vegetables