Dad-stronomy 101: Betegeuse

BETELGEUSE Location: Orion Constellation Classification: Semi-regular Variable Star (varying brightness) Distance: ~498 light-years Alternate Names: "Alpha Orionis" Apparent Magnitude: 0.4 Meaning of Name: Arabic for "the axilla of Orion" Fun Facts: ninth-brightest star in Earth's night sky and second-brightest in Orion Constellation (Rigel) classified as a red supergiant one of the largest and most luminous stars … Continue reading Dad-stronomy 101: Betegeuse


Become a dad-stronomer!

Despite getting a D in Astronomy while in college and having a telescope I had to have but never use, I've found all I really need to be a dad-stronomer is simple: kid(s) and a free app. The app is SkyView Free. It allows you point your phone's camera skyward and view the entire night sky. There's also a … Continue reading Become a dad-stronomer!