We introduced Austin to solid foods last week. Was it a success? Is it a complete and utter mess after he’s done eating? Is he pissed when it’s gone? The answer to all three questions is a resounding YES! Pumpkin. Sweet potato. Pears. Peas and spinach. Apple, pumpkin, and granola. Blueberry and purple carrot teething biscuits. Prunes … Continue reading Fooooooood!


10 reasons Fall is my favorite season

(That picture is a throwback from 2012, when Nolan was the lone child) Besides Maine (where they have winter and a few weeks in July), the majority of New England experiences all four seasons. Summer: Sun, sand, watching your kids eat sand, not being able to relax at the beach because your kids are running wild. … Continue reading 10 reasons Fall is my favorite season

Lexicon of my three-year-old

Forget the 'terrible twos," for those of us in this household, the threes are far more unbearable. Not sure what it's like everywhere else for everyone else, but I'm fairly certain at some point before a kid turns four, they act like a complete jerk for any number of reasons. With said actions, the words … Continue reading Lexicon of my three-year-old