Top 5 – MLB Spring Training caps

Pitchers and catchers reported this week for Spring Training, a time every baseball has eagerly waited for since October. With that comes yet another sweet collection of caps players will wear until the end of March, so the beauty these hats behold is fleeting. Here's my list of the top five 2016 Spring Training hats, in no particular … Continue reading Top 5 – MLB Spring Training caps


Early Start for Rays vs. Red Sox

Time to enjoy some baseball with the unit before he goes to bed. This 6:10 pm start for the Rays-Red Sox game is awesome because we can watch it together for a few innings. He's usually in bath then bed by time the games start. It's a battle for 1st place in the AL East. … Continue reading Early Start for Rays vs. Red Sox

You Know You’re a Parent When…

...after a Friday night that consisted of a dinner, an outdoors concert, drinks and some more drinks, you're still not fully recovered at 7:56 pm on Sunday evening. Today was a nice relaxing day, as I stated in my previous post and it was much needed. Nolan had a great time towards the end of the day, … Continue reading You Know You’re a Parent When…

Chris Archer vs. Jose Reyes – Two Balls, No Strikes

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer attempted to keep Toronto's Jose Reyes close at first base following a single in the fifth inning of Sunday's game. He kept him close alright and in the process raised Reyes' voice a few octaves.  Have a look: