Top Squash

I was reintroduced to a squash that I had overlooked quite a bit - well, since last year around this time, but it's one of the best squash on Earth. The Delicata squash. It's delicious and super easy to prep and cook, so here's exactly what I did. Cut squash in half lengthwise Remove seeds … Continue reading Top Squash


Weak-ly Menu

I sit here sipping on a cup of iced coffee after eating two leftover Asiago pinwheel sausage, corn, and black bean tacos after I propped up the sagging raspberry plants, I face my weekly conundrum as I stare at the weekly menu spreadsheet: what the hell are we going to eat next week? But as you … Continue reading Weak-ly Menu

It took some convincing and a lie… get Nolan to eat Trader Joe's Honey Nut O's. He's fine eating Honey Nut Cheerios but if he sees his cereal being poured from any other box, he won't eat it. We told him that Honey Nut Cheerios changed their box to the TJ offering. Oh well. He's eating it. We convinced him despite … Continue reading It took some convincing and a lie…