About Us

Living and writing from rural Connecticut, where if the wind is right you can smell cow manure from farms both near and far.

Here’s a little timeline to get you caught up:

2011: Became an at-home dad after our first son was born in April while we still lived in NYC. We moved to Connecticut shortly thereafter, roughly 90 minutes north but a world away.

2012-13: Tried out day care for Nolan. I worked in a high school for the school year with hopes it’d lead to a full-time position and more financial stability. No dice.

2014: Our second son was born in May. Job security, though I tried a year at a high school alternative education program with hopes it’d lead to a full-time position and more financial stability. No dice.

2016: We had our third son, Austin, in May and I’m back to being an at-home dad while serving as a part-time employee at NoRA Cupcake Co., a not-your-mother’s-cupcakes bakery in Middletown, CT.

2017: The two littles are home with  me every day while Nolan is thriving in and loving kindergarten.

Here’s a brief description of each member of the crew:

Ryan – 34, husband, dad, sports, beard, tattoos, cook, curator.

Lindsay – wife, awesome mom, voice of reason, breadwinner, avid reader, saint.

Nolan – 5yo son, big brother, budding artist/author, boundless energy, brunette. Likes: HeidiSongs, coloring, creating paper iPhones.

Graham – 2yo son, hellion, middle child, blonde. Likes: Bob the Builder, Daniel Tiger.

Austin – 8mo son, crawler, overall chill dude, red hair/blue eyes. Likes: goofing around with his brothers, being held while I brush my teeth.

Nate – our 7yo dachshund, overweight, hates fetch, acts like a cat.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Ryan,

    My name is Jesse Andrist. I am a SAHD of three. I have started a business and would like to speak with you about possible sponsorship of your blog.

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