About Me

Living in and writing from rural Connecticut, where if the wind is right you can smell cow manure from farms both near and far.

Here’s a little timeline to get you caught up:

2011: living in NYC; became an at-home dad when our first son, Nolan, is born; moved to CT

2012-13: enrolled Nolan in day care while I worked, hoping it’d lead to full-time position; no dice

2014: our second son, Graham, is born; working at an alternative education program hoping it’d lead to a full-time position; no dice

2016: our third son, Austin, is born; full-time at-home dad

2018-present: at-home dad; part-time work at a local package store; part-time work for Bark Technologies.

Here’s a brief description of each member of the fam:

  • Ryan – 37
    • Likes: beer, family, sports, tattoos
    • Dislikes: cleaning dishes, liquor, whining
  • Lindsay
    • Likes: her boys, purple, reading, wine
    • Dislikes: meat, not winning the lottery, working
  • Nolan – 7
    • Likes: Heidi Songs, his brothers, hockey, Lego, Mad Libs, reading, school, the Washington Capitals
    • Dislikes: brushing his teeth, getting dressed, missing school, wet hair
  • Graham – 4
    • Likes: being picked up, outer space, shoving stuffed animals in his shirt, sleeping, smiling
    • Dislikes: food
  • Austin – 2
    • Likes: dancing, Hey, Duggee, naps, his scooter, shapes, trucks, yogurt
    • Dislikesbeing told ‘no’

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ryan,

    My name is Jesse Andrist. I am a SAHD of three. I have started a business and would like to speak with you about possible sponsorship of your blog.

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